About us

The person Elmar Kalb

My vision is creating emotions, which realizes happiness. Therefore, I create furniture and other objects with passion and accuracy.

  • master carpenter
  • exceptional artist
  • "the jeweller among the carpenters"
  • perfectionist
  • unique creativity
  • reliable
  • down-to-earth
  • environmentally conscious
  • family person
  • true friend



The workshop

  • Situated in the very West of Austria, we are proud that all products are "Made in Austria"
  • A perfect combination of craftsmanship and innovation
  • professional
  • individual
  • production of prototypes

The Brand

e.kalb - die design manufaktur

  • unique products with serial number and certificate
  • highly exclusive
  • for daily use but art at the same time
  • single pieces
  • mini series


The perfect combination of the person, the workshop and the brand guarantees you as customer long-lasting pleasure with the product and the certainty, to own something truly unique.