Carbon meets wood – a fully developed concept

When two completely opposite materials meet, something extraordinary must come into being.

With a tablet being a constant companion in our lives, it needs to be protected. Therefore, Elmar Kalb has developed his own version of an It is ideal for presentations, but also is the perfect companion for design conscious  people.

This high-tech-product is not only very stylish, it is also an amazing combination of technical advancement and craftsmanship:

The luxury version of a case - the

Produced out of a special carbon fibre, exotic woods and up to 10 layers of glossy varnish, this product weights one a little more than nothing.

The special features:

  • very steady, but extremely light at the same moment
  • rare-wood veneer
  • non-slip leather bottom

Most modern laser-technology allows to engrave your personal logo, your coat of arms, your initials or your name.


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