e.Stand Kitchen

The tablet holder for the exclusive kitchen. Makes cooking more enjoyable!


The tablet take more and more space in our life – also as e.g. cookery book!
It is easy to get online some recipes, watch youtube ideas, listen music etc.
The e. Stand Kitchen is a simple and practical helper to make cooking easier!
The e. Stand Kitchen will be produced very carefully by hand in an Austrian manufacture.
Every piece is unique and would be a great present for ambitious friends of cooking!


– Case:             Black

– Deckel:          walnut, nut and pink décor

– Maße:            206mm x 262mm x 13 mm

– Gewicht:       ca. 260 gram super light


For iPad 5, iPad Air and iPad pro small                     € 210, -incl. VAT

For iPad Pro large                                                     € 260, - incl. VAT

Additional options:

Other wood upon request

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